Pipelining is a new method of sewer line repair that Jacksonville Plumbers like Clay County Master Plumbing, LLC use. The traditional method of sewer line repairs involves digging a trench along the entire path of the sewer line to excavate and replace it with new pipe. It is a very invasive method of pipe repair that doesn’t have to be done today if the Jacksonville Plumber has the equipment and training to do pipelining. This new pipelining method does not involve the extensive excavation of pipe but rather uses a trenchless method. Here are some basics of how it is done.

What Pipelining Is

Pipelining is a process where the sewer pipe is re-lined rather than replaced. By creating a new interior lining within the pipe, the sewer line will work as if it were brand new. The lining material completely coats the interior of the pipe, providing a smooth new surface for wastewater to flow through. It won’t ever rust, so it provides a long-term solution to broken or rusted pipes.

Video Inspection

The Jacksonville plumber will know that your sewer lines need to be repaired or replaced after a video inspection. A camera is inserted into the sewer line to find the leak or clog. At this point, the plumber will determine the best course of action and discuss the options with you. If the pipe is in bad enough shape, the plumber may recommend pipelining or pipe replacement, depending on what type of service they can offer. If you are ever told that the pipes have to be dug up and replaced, find a plumber like Clay County Master Plumbing, LLC who can reline the pipe instead.

The Pipelining Process – The Trenchless Method

Whether it’s a small section or the entire length of sewer line, pipelining involves very limited digging. The plumber will only need to access the pipe in order to insert the new lining. The landscape, sidewalks, and other features of your yard will not have to be destroyed in order to repair the pipe. This process doesn’t involve heavy labor costs for excavating like the traditional method does.

The plumber inserts a preformed lining into the damaged sewer pipe. It is then inflated and allowed to dry (cured in place). Once the lining is cured, you have a new pipe. There are other trenchless methods of sewer line repairs. Pipe bursting involves inserting a new pipe with a special head into the old pipe. With applied force, the special head bursts through the old pipe and is pushed along until can be connected to the sewer main.

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