When your plumber is on his way, you can benefit by taking a few minutes to prepare just a little bit for that visit. Taking little time at all, this prep will help make your plumbing repair as smooth, quick, and easy as can be.

Not sure how to prepare for a visit from your plumber? That's no problem. Just remember these three C's of prepping for a visit from your plumber:

Check for Other Plumbing Issues

You might call your plumber for just one specific issue, but that doesn't mean you might not have other issues that need to be addressed, nor does it mean that those issues might be obvious relative to the one issue. To get the most out of your plumbing visit, take a moment to check your piping, faucets, and other exposed plumbing installations to leaks or the like.

Contain Your Pets

Pets are great, but not when you're trying to get work done. Your loveable dogs and curious cats might make you go "aww" at their attentive sniffing, but your plumber might be making much-less-enthused sounds as he tries to get work done amid a barrage of animal affection. To be sure your plumber is able to work unbothered, be sure to contain your pets prior to his visit.

Clear Out the Work Area

And, of course, you can't forget to prep the most important area of your plumber's visit: the area in which he'll be working. Since much of your plumbing will be contained in closets, under sinks, and in your basement, it might be surrounded by all manners of junk. If it is, take a moment to clear away that junk so that your plumber can get right to work unimpeded.

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