Whether your bathroom is too small or your kitchen floorplan just isn’t working for you, plumbing remodeling is the answer. You don’t have to keep the same kitchen floorplan or deal with a bathroom that is dysfunctional.

It is often necessary to rearrange the plumbing system during remodeling projects in the kitchen and bathroom. For instance, if you need to move a sink to another wall, the sink drains and fresh water lines can be moved to the new location. However, not all remodeling projects involve moving the plumbing. It often just involves removing and replacing all the fixtures.

Plumbing remodeling can be very beneficial when creating your ideal bathroom or kitchen. However, a bad plumbing job can complicate matters. The plumbing will need to be done correctly or there are problems like:

  • Leaks
  • Low water pressure
  • Frequent drain clogs
  • No access to hot water
  • Code compliance fines

If you want to create your ideal bathroom or kitchen, here are some tips from our Jacksonville plumbers at Clay County Master Plumbing, LLC.

Hire A Jacksonville Plumber Who Does Plumbing Installations

If you are adding onto or moving the plumbing system during bathroom or kitchen remodeling, the plumbing layout will need to be properly designed. The new plumbing drains and pipes have to be properly tied into the existing plumbing system.

Only a plumber who has experience with new plumbing installations in your local area will be able to design and install the system correctly. The project will need to pass inspection by local building code authorities. If it does not, the work has to be redone to comply with the ordinances.

Problems like leaks and clogs can be very expensive for a homeowner. Remember when hiring a remodeling contractor that you can choose your plumber. You don’t have to use their sub-contractor. You can insist on the Jacksonville plumber of your choice.

Don’t Cut Corners On Key Bathroom Or Kitchen Features When Remodeling

If you are really looking for ways to design your ideal kitchen or bathroom, figure out what features are most important.

For instance, is enough shower space more important than a large bathtub? If so, make sure the bathroom remodeling plan accounts for this. Your plumber can move the shower drain so it is properly centered over a larger shower space.

Do you prefer a kitchen sink that’s deeper or do you want a faucet installed over the stove for filling cooking pots? Anything can be done with plumbing remodeling, so splurge where you want and save on other things that aren’t as important.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Budget? Here’s How To Get The Most

Do you have a small bathroom remodeling budget? If so, you can get the most if you think about function. You use the tub, shower, sink, and toilet the most. Spend your budget dollars by replacing these fixtures first if they need it.

You can get standard faucets, shower head, and other hardware if you’re on a tight budget. There are some great looking fixtures available that aren’t so expensive. Paint doesn’t cost a lot, nor do many types of durable flooring. Replace the major features of your bathroom and find creative ways to make other changes.

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